Around the world, environmental defenders are using law to assert the rights of people to live in a healthy environment, and the rights of nature to exist and flourish.

The Warrior Lawyers project aims to create a cutting edge, multi-disciplinary educational platform to explore the human right to a healthy environment and the rights of nature. A collaboration with renowned environmental author and educator Silver Donald Cameron, the project explores these issues through specific stories of courageous environmental defenders and lawyers around the world. It draws upon Dr. Cameron’s unparalleled trove of documentary films and video interviews with environmental thinkers and actors, which can be found on The Green Interview website. The goal of the project is to create educational resources and programs that are available to educators and students in any field, at any stage in lifelong learning, in a variety of formats such as:

  • For-credit university courses, both in-person and online, including a seminar on Warrior Lawyers and Green Rights taught by Professor Stepan Wood in the Allard JD program, and a senior undergraduate political science course on Green Rights taught by Dr. Cameron at Cape Breton University
  • Open-access short educational videos available online
  • Free online courses open to anyone with an interest in the subject
  • Fee-based continuing education and certificate programs for working professionals including lawyers, business managers, government officials, non-governmental organization staffers and community organizers.

These educational tools explore the theory and practice of environmental rights and public interest lawyering through real world stories of lawyers and citizens on the front lines of struggles to protect people, species and ecosystems from environmental harm. They are designed to improve awareness and understanding of environmental rights and help galvanize movements to give these rights the legal protection they deserve.

The project takes its name from Dr. Cameron’s book Warrior Lawyers (Paper Tiger, 2016).

This exciting bi-coastal collaboration between British Columbia (Professor Wood and the Centre for Law & the Environment) and Cape Breton (Dr. Cameron and The Green Interview) carves out an unique niche in the environmental law education ecosystem.