Warrior Lawyer profile: John Bonine, Reinventing networking as a legal tool

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By Ellie Krawczynska From early in his legal career, John Bonine demonstrated a strong interest in protecting and implementing environmental rights. He was Associate General Counsel at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before becoming a law professor at the … Continued

Warrior Lawyer Profile: Roger Cox, Environmental Revolution before the Courts

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By Giulia Benzi Roger Cox is a Dutch lawyer with the Paulussen Advocaten law firm in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He is a lecturer in universities, publisher of several journal articles and author of the book Revolution Justified: Why Only the … Continued

Legal professionals call on PM Trudeau and Premier Horgan to meet with Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs

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Image source: Wet’suwet’en Strong. Artwork: Christi Belcourt. Today 38 settler and indigenous legal professionals from across Canada, including some of Canada’s leading indigenous legal academics and leadings experts in aboriginal law, sent an open letter to BC Premier John Horgan … Continued

Warrior Lawyer profile: Rafael Maldonado, Struggling for Environmental Justice in Guatemala

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By Justin Wiebe Guatemala emerged from a 36-year civil war in 1996 in which approximately 200,000 people died or were disappeared. The United Nations Commission for Historical Clarification determined that government actors, with the support of Western governments and institutions, … Continued

Warrior Lawyer profile: Michelle Maloney, Australia’s Awesome Activist

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By Roderick Reynolds In an age of environmental crisis and political inaction, our world needs leaders and warriors. Enter Dr. Michelle Maloney, an Australian lawyer at the forefront of advocating and strategizing towards systemic change within our legal system and … Continued